BioHut, home sweet home for little fish


98% of juvenile fish die in port. In light of this fact, Ecocean has invented BioHuts, artificial habitats which provide refuge and food to juvenile fish populations in the quest to restore the port ecosystem.


The Mediterranean, the ‘cradle of humanity’, yet the grave of biodiversity


Human activity in the Mediterranean makes it one of the most polluted seas in the world. Due to the fact that it’s almost completely enclosed by land, the cycle of water renewal here takes 30 years. In ports, conditions have deteriorated even more. As a result, fish larvae here cannot develop properly and reach adulthood. The mortality in this instance stands at 95%.


A shelter for juvenile fish


BioHuts are metal cages stocked with crustaceans. Within them, the fish are protected from large predators and, thanks to their structure, marine plants develop here and the fish find the necessary food sources to ensure they develop. In this way, the BioHut serves as a nursery and supports the fish in their growth. Once they have spent four to six months in their hut, the fish become adult and gain their independence. Since 2015, 25 French ports have been equipped with BioHuts and are committed to the preservation of marine species.


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