15 Life On Land

Approximately 1.6 billion people depend on forests for their survival and yet every year, thirteen million hectares of forest are destroyed.

The United Nations needed little encouragement to make ending deforestation and restoring damaged forests by 2020, its fifteenth goal for sustainable development. It’s part of a bigger picture to preserve and then exploit in a sustainable way all land ecosystems under threat of – among other tragedies – drought, desertification, poaching and global warming.

Initiatives like these are inevitable considering that we’re losing arable land at a rate thirty to thirty-five times higher than in the past. To make this a reality, international agreements to promote the fair use of resources have already been signed and investment to encourage biodiversity continues to rise.

What can you do? Stop using pesticides. Plant wild flowers in your garden. Participate in restoring the ecosystems of your local area.

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