3 Good Health and well-being

Close to thirty-seven million people were living with HIV in 2017.

That’s almost the population of a country the size of Canada! But barely twenty-one million of them had access to antiretroviral therapy. That’s an unacceptable situation. Which is why the United Nations has made ending the AIDS epidemic – as well as tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases – its third sustainable development goal for the year 2030. The UN aims also to drastically reduce the number of maternal, newborn and infant mortalities, as well as premature deaths related to non-communicable diseases.

Because alcohol, tobacco and pollution – to name but three causes – harm the health of populations on a daily basis. To achieve this goal, the obvious solution is to strengthen healthcare systems with a priority on improving qualified care. But work also has to be done educating people about hygiene and health risks.

What can you do? Make sure you and your children are vaccinated, eat organic and local food, do sports.

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