5 Gender Equality

The campaign for gender equality sometimes raises a smile.

Especially when the debate centers on whether the man or the woman should do the washing up or put the bins out. But it many areas of the world, it can take a much more dramatic turn. Even today, over 750 million women in the world are married before the age of eighteen. The United Nations has decided to call a halt on this untenable situation by making its fifth sustainable development goal the ending of all forms of discrimination – including violence – against women and girls.

The UN wants to stop sexual exploitation and genital mutilation. It hopes to pave the way for equal healthcare and social protections, for sharing and recognizing the value of domestic work, and for unfettered access to every level of political, economic and public life. So how do we achieve this goal? By continuing to ensure that girls have access to education and by putting in place the legal framework necessary to guarantee gender equality.

What can you do? Denounce sexist behaviour, educate your children in a non-gender specific way.

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