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Energy Observer participates actively, with determination and voluntarism, in the construction of the tomorrow world.

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We carry a public interest mission for energy and ecological transition, whose objective is to raise awareness by promoting solutions that reinvent tomorrow's world.

By becoming a sponsor of the Energy Observer Endowment Fund, you become an actor in the construction of a more sustainable world.


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The time has come, all the more so in light of the planetary crisis we’re navigating, to honour the beauty of the world, to respect biodiversity and also to contribute in as practical a way as possible on this laboratory vessel, to a general awakening of consciences.

Katia Nicolet
On board marine biologist

Why join us

  • Participate in the reflection on the climate emergency in the post-crisis context
  • Communicate on your commitments in favour of the ecological and solidarity transition in the framework of a widely shared awareness of the climate emergency
  • Delivering positive and inspiring information to as many people as possible
  • Gather your employees around an exceptional adventure that puts progress first, innovation, technology at the service of another social project
  • To promote concrete solutions for the implementation of the 17 SDGs that are today the best roadmap to build tomorrow’s world
  • Participate in the understanding and research of how the marine pollution impact ecosystems
  • Contribute to the education and training of young people on the future energy systems 


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Multiple ways to act

Foremost among the resources of action is the ship itself, a veritable floating laboratory of renewable energies (solar, wind, hydro) with an on-board hydrogen production chain.


Complementing the ship is our new exhibition village: a temporary structure made up of two geodesic domes linked by a fresco on the energy transition developed together with Ademe. This exhibition has already welcomed nearly 300,000 visitors in three years. A lighter version of the exhibition (the Cube) is also available.


We organise large-scale operations of general interest, such as the “Paris de l’hydrogène” event. This was organised on the Champ de Mars in May 2021, including the Energy Observer exhibition village, a presentation of all existing hydrogen mobility, and the illumination of the Eiffel Tower thanks to EODev's GEH2 electro-hydrogen generator, fuelled with renewable hydrogen supplied by Air Liquide.


Audio-visual production, broadcasted on traditional and new media channels, is another powerful lever. This includes Energy Observer Solutions web-series, the production of logbooks on different themes including the preservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and the challenges of the energy transition. Energy Observer YouTube channel, whose number of views increased by 103% in 2020, relays all of Energy Observer's video content, with highly engaged and steadily growing audiences across all our networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).