BIO-LUTIONS, biodegradable food packaging

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Plastic food packaging is the cause of a great degradation of ecosystems, especially aquatic ecosystems. In Hamburg, a start-up company has designed an ethical and sustainable food packaging made from agricultural waste.


An ocean of plastic


Approximately 500 million tons of plastic are produced each year. Nearly half of this is single-use. This is your packaging for sandwiches, salads, strawberry trays. However, because of their composition, they are very difficult to recycle. Today, less than 10% of plastic is properly recycled.


Sustainable food packaging


The German start-up BIO-LUTIONS is developing new packaging based on agricultural residues (sugar cane leaves, rice straw, banana stems). The company uses a low-cost and energy-efficient mechanical process. These new packaging, 100% natural, are biodegradable and compostable. Bio-Lutions works in India in partnership with local farmers. The company buys back the residues of their production and thus offers them an additional source of income. The director of BIO-LUTIONS, Eduardo Gordillo, hopes in the long term to create a decentralized production network with local factories, thus creating new jobs while reducing CO2


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