Green Watech, a low-tech filter for clean water

6 – Clean water and Sanitation

The primary source of pollution with regards to drinking water, waste water can now be purified using a low-tech Green Watech filter comprising layers of ordinary materials, which are readily available and inexpensive.


The issue of access to high-quality water


It is estimated that 80% of the water used around the world is expelled into nature without ridding it of polluting elements. Two-billion individuals have no access to high-quality water. In Morocco, over 14-million inhabitants, grouped into around 32,000 villages, suffer from a lack of sanitation services. Green WATECH is giving the rural population the fundamental right to access sanitation services, by using a new innovative solution for the treatment and reuse of waste water.


An ingenious water filter


The engineers at the project’s source, Salma Bouagarrani, Lahbib Latrach and Adessameh Hejaj, have developed an ‘interlinked filter’ system, which is an ecological and inexpensive solution. It amounts to a giant filter, comprising various natural components, armed with an array of special physical and chemical attributes. The gravel filters the water. The charcoal eliminates bad odours. The iron and wood treat the phosphorus. In twenty-seven hours, one cubic metre of water can be treated and made fit for domestic consumption (irrigation and household tasks). Today, their filter is able to treat the waste water from 10,000 Moroccan homes.


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