Heliatek, a revolution in photovoltaics

7 – Affordable and clean energy
9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Imagine that all surfaces exposed to the sun can produce electricity. That dream has become a reality thanks to Heliatek with its flexible and self-adhesive photovoltaic panels, which can be positioned anywhere you like, taking solar energy production to a whole new level.


The urgency of energy transition


Today, renewable energies only represent 2% of global electricity production, whilst fossil energies expel ever more greenhouse gases, accelerating global warming. Scientists have set 2030 as the point of no return. Heliatek is contributing to sustainable energy transition by reinventing the future of the photovoltaic panel.


Heliatek, the photovoltaic revolution


Traditional solar panels weigh up to 25 kilos and generate vast quantities of heat, which limit the number of structures, buildings, able to accommodate them. Heliatek’s solution is just a matter of grams and is capable of producing up to 85 watts per square metre of surface area. Its principle: carbon nano-molecules deposited on a polyethylene film capable of converting light into electricity. These panels require little maintenance, withstand bad weather and are easy to install. The possibilities of installation are endless. Every surface exposed to the sun (bus shelters, walls, buildings, vehicles, clothing, etc.) have the potential to become an energy source.


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