Rebubble, the Social Soap

10 – Reduced inequalities
12 – Responsible consumption and production

In Aachen, Germany, students collect hotel soaps and recycle them with the help of workers with disabilities to produce new, sustainable and solidarity-based soaps. 


Avoiding waste in the hotels


Each second, 300 soaps from hotels are thrown away in the world, which equals 950 million soaps going to the incinerator, whereas they are barely used. In order to fight against this waste, the Rebubble project proposes a second life to these soaps. 

Thanks a partnership between four big hospitality groups, the voluntary students who created Rebubble organize the collection of used soaps. They are then sent to a working center who partners the project, where people with disabilities recycle the soaps: they are chipped, cooked and cast to create new ones. The soap production is then sold localy. 


A social soap


This soap recycling process is made of simple gesture, thought to be inclusive and accessible to everyone. Recycling hotel soaps has an ecological dimension, allowing big hotels to reduce their carbon footprint. But it also has a social utility, allowing people with disabilities to access a decent and fairly paid work. 


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