S'Cool Bus, biking to school

3 – Good Health and well-being
11 – Sustainable cities and communities

To reduce the number of cars in the city, a conurbation in Normandy has replaced school buses with collective bicycles. Each S'Cool bus allows 8 children to go to school biking. 


Less traffic in the cities 


In town, traffic produces a more or less important amount of air pollution, impacting significantly our health. Petrol or diesel cars reject nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other greenhouse gases, that are very harmful for the environment but also for the living organisms. We estimate up to 7 million premature deaths would be caused by air pollution in the world*. 

We also know that 75 % of car rides in the morning are made by parents bringing their children to school. Car rides that are often less than 2 km long! That is why a French company based in Normandy decided to act to reduce this morning traffic. 


An clean and healthy alternative to go to school  


Since 2017, S’Cool Bus has shuttled back and forth children from the Seine-Eure area every morning and evening between school and their homes. The goal was to allow children to ride to school thanks to school transport system with collective bikes. This allows to raise awareness on green mobility stakes, sport in everyday life, solidarity and road safety for children, the whole plan being fun and free for all! 


*Source: www.respire-asso.org/recommandations-oms/


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