Verspillings Fabriek, the sustainable soup factory

8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
12 – Responsible consumption and production

Reducing food waste, even before the products are marketed, is the mission of Verspillings Fabriek. Every year, the factory saves almost 200 tons of ungraded vegetables or food scraps from the trash can to make delicious soups and ketchup.


Food waste in a few figures


Food waste reaches record levels. If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest greenhouse gases generator. In Netherlands, the equivalent of at least 5 billions euros of food are wasted each year. A substantial waste, before the products are even marketed. Indeed, when fruits and vegetables don’t fit consumption norms (too big size, questionable "look"...), they are thrown away even though they are still completely edible.


Verspillings Fabriek, a factory for food surplus


Verspillings Fabriek is a dutch company fighting against this food waste. It saves food surplus such as tomatoes, carotts, onions, from forty factories and restaurants. They are then transformed into delicious soups and meant to be sold. In 2018, Verspillings Fabriek saved approximatively 200 tons of vegetables, reaching up to 750 tons in 3 years. Moreover, the company also has a social function as they employ people that are generally put aside from the work market. The company offers them a stable job, working in the same time for an inclusive and ecologically responsible society.



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