6 Clean water and Sanitation

Water is a precious asset that’s essential to our survival.

Thankfully, our planet is sufficiently well-stocked to satisfy our needs. If only we knew how to manage it properly… Today, water shortages affect more than 40% of the world’s population. In order to face this issue, the United Nations has made ensuring a fair and affordable access to water for all by 2030 its sustainable development goal number six. This is vital because when water starts to be in short supply, whether in quantity or quality, all of society suffers: food production, world safety and people’s health are threatened.

Children are the first to bear the consequences of water shortage: every day, 1,000 of them die from illnesses that could have been avoided through better hygiene. To protect those at risk, future investment need to be channeled into managing freshwater ecosystems and sanitation facilities, especially in developing countries.

What can you do? Don’t run a bath, have a shower instead. Store your rain water, up cycle your cooking water for watering plants.

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