Moving Mamas, for the Integration of refugee women

5 – Gender Equality
8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

Helping the mothers of refugee families to integrate the job market and find their first position in Norway, such is the mission the Moving Mamas association has set itself.


The preponderant role of mothers in the family


Moving Mamas is a social enterprise created in 2015, which is geared around supporting the mothers of refugee families arriving in Norway to start a new life there. The association was launched after noticing that there was no initiative specifically targeting mothers whose role within uprooted families is preponderant.


For the integration of refugees


To get these women out of a situation of isolation and a lack of economic security, the association provides them with targeted education to ensure they have every chance of succeeding in the job market through the Moving Mamas WorkLifeAcademy. It’s also a place for reflection and discussion about their rights, gender equality and the weight of tradition within families. In this way, they are encouraged to share the domestic responsibilities within their family so that they are able to work outside the home. Moving Mama Services connects mothers and businesses seeking to fill positions and enables them to envisage a professional life with a decent salary and the chance to be independent.


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