Sminkart, new life for make-up

12 – Responsible consumption and production
17 – Partnerships for the goals

The creator of Sminkart, formerly employed at KOSE, a renowned beauty company like Shisheido, has embarked on the development of cosmetic products. Faced with the growing concern of mineral resource depletion for cosmetic materials, he noticed significant waste due to slight color variations, leading to the disposal of products without quality issues. Aware of this situation, he had an innovative idea: to transform cosmetics destined to be discarded into paint colors. As a result, he acquires cosmetic waste from other companies, converts them into pigments, and markets them. In addition to this, he offers a "magic water" kit that allows users to transform their unused cosmetic products into paint colors.


This initiative has been highly successful, attracting the attention of young people, especially mothers and their children. The motivation of the Sminkart creator is based on the principle of "Mottainai." Many women also share this belief, considering it a shame to throw away cosmetic products before using them completely. The various possibilities offered by the glitters add a touch of appreciated beauty.