Velove, delivery by cargo bike

11 – Sustainable cities and communities

Cities where you can no longer breathe, where delivery trucks circulate with precious little cargo to bring us our internet deliveries. This is what Velove is keen to put an end to by using quick and easy to manœuvre cargo bikes, which make pollution-free home delivery possible.


Trade, goods and pollution


Since the digital revolution of the noughties, e-commerce has enjoyed exponential growth. More than 32 purchase transactions are recorded across France every second by online shopping websites, which equates to around a billion transactions a year. In this way, millions of tonnes of products travel the world lamenting a sizeable carbon footprint. Today, the transport of goods represents 10% of global CO2 emissions.


Getting rid of delivery trucks from city centres


In Gothenburg in Sweden, the city has committed to getting rid of delivery trucks from its city centre. It hopes to replace these with cargo bikes. The company Velove is providing this clean transport. Its cargo bike can effortlessly transport up to 250 kilos of goods as its creator, Linus Amvall, has incorporated a F1-style electric suspension in its design. Velove’s model is fairly narrow, so that it can be ridden along cycle tracks without disturbing other users. It is no surprise then, that the bike made a clean sweep of the prizes at the last international cargo bike festival.