7 Affordable and clean energy

Could you imagine living without electricity? A few minutes? Several hours?

Everyday across the world, almost a billion people live without it and that is too much for the United Nations. To counter this problem, the UN has made its seventh sustainable development goal ensuring that everybody has, by 2030, access to modern, affordable, clean and reliable energy services. It’s a prospect that will leverage the potential of renewable energy sources. Energy can be produced locally, from sustainable resources such as the sun and the wind, without relying on a central supplier.

It will contribute to achieving other goals, by offering new economic opportunities to local populations without endangering their environment. In other words, the world’s entire energy producing system needs to be updated by installing innovative technologies and processes and by benefiting on investments both from public and private sectors.

What can you do? Choose energy-efficient appliances. Limit your energy consumption. By low-energy consuming electric devices.

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